Hardmatch is a tactical team-based multiplayer FPS game with focus on being simple, fast and lightweight.

Simple means beatiful yet simplistic graphics that does not distract the core gameplay, and predictable, fun, easy to learn gameplay that scales with player skill. Fast means, excellent performance and minimal input and network latency. Lightweight means small distribution size and minimal loading and startup times.


Tactical team-focused gameplay

You can expect traditional tactical team-focused game modes such as 5v5 bomb defuse with some HARD twists!


Input latency (or input lag) along with network latency (net lag) are crucial to be minimized to achieve the best possible competitive gameplay and game feel. We measure and tune our own custom game engine to achieve the lowest possible input-to-screen latency and network latency.

Ultra-Light and Ultra-Fast

In our opinion, games should be small. Hardmatch is. We build our game engine to contain only the things that are needed to make Hardmatch tick. Hardmatch is build to have lightning fast start-up time and have minimal loading times. No bloat! You don’t need to have latest CPU and GPU to run the game smoothly.

Simple visuals

Game visuals should support gameplay, not distract it. Hardmatch focuses on beautiful yet simplistic visuals. We don’t have highly-realistic or candy graphics that distract the core gameplay.

Community servers and LAN friendly

Games are build around communities. We support that. Anyone can download the server application and run the server on their premises. Spool up server for your LAN party.

Customization with map editor and SDK

Custom maps and games modes. The best maps and gameplay emerge from players and the community. We provide MapToolKit to create and edit maps.

Custom game engine

We build custom game engine from ground up to be able to tinker and tune the gameplay, minimize latency and achieve the best performance.

Join Hardmatch alpha testing

The game is still very work-in-progress. We want to create game with community and take feedback from players seriously. We are starting to run alpha at near future. Please click here to sign-up to our newsletter and we will inform you when the alpha-testing begins. You will also receive other significant news about Hardmatch development.

Do you want to learn more about Hardmatch?

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