Progress report #1: Initial netcode and map editor exporting

Lately I have been working on initial netcode implementation. I have also added save/load and export functionality to the map editor.

For netcode I almost copy pasted the functionality from older projects. The netcode is mostly based on the model described in Source Multiplayer Networking wiki-page.

Here is a crude list of things I have been doing lately after initial lightmapper work.

  • Entity selection in editor (Implemented as GPU Picking)
  • Entity transformation by leveraging ImGuizmo
  • Spawn point entity
  • Editor project save/load (pure binary)
  • Map export from editor + client/server load
  • Server authoritative netcode first steps
  • Code clean-ups (remove unnecessary templating, fix warnings etc)
  • Improved logging

Next big thing I will work on will be the initial implementation of character collision and movement.