Progress report #2: Character movement and OpenAL integration

Since the last progress report, I have been working on mainly character collision, audio and netcode improvements.

For the character collision, I used Bullet Physics library which I only use for collision detection. I do not use dynamics or “physics” integration. I chose box collider to represent player collision. I find box collider to be more intuitive in Hardmatch's gameplay. Quake-based games such as Counter-Strike also use box collision so collision response will be familiar to players. The character collision handling and movement is in quite steady state, there is still some ways to get player stuck, but 97% of the time it works just fine.

After initial character movement and collision detection I integrated OpenAL Soft audio engine with Ogg Vorbis format loading and streaming.

Here is a list of some additional things I did:

  • Main menu UI prototyping with ImGui
  • Export lightmaps from editor to map files
  • Netcode improvements (mostly paper designing and investigation)

Next I will mostly work on netcode.